used cars in Tucson
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Know the Reasons to Purchase a Used car

When buying an automobile, there are several factors to consider, the most critical is whether to purchase a new or used vehicle. If you want to save money, buying a used car is a good idea. Though buying a new car may seem appealing, the rapid rate of depreciation, higher price, and higher insurance, among other factors, work against it. You may choose from various used cars dealerships that sell dependable and well-maintained pre-owned vehicles. Here are five compelling reasons to purchase a used cars in tucson.


Investing in a new car is generally a terrible choice, with a few notable exceptions. Automobiles live longer and longer, and most of their worth is lost early in their lives. While some models fare better than others in terms of depreciation, most buyers should expect a new automobile to lose up to 50% of its value within three years of purchase. Despite all of the benefits that come with new cars (warranties, free maintenance, affordable financing), the law of depreciation is a considerable cost and a compelling reason to buy used.

used cars in Tucson

Options for CPOs

For many buyers, a guarantee that protects them from a vehicle’s flaws is well worth the extra cost of a new car. Today, nearly all car makers offer a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program, making buying a used cars in tucson a lot less stressful. Manufacturer-certified vs. dealership-certified CPO programs differ significantly, with the former nearly always providing a more comprehensive package. All manufacturer-approved automobiles come with a guarantee (though the mileage and length of coverage vary) and typically other advantages like free roadside assistance or a loaner car if yours has to get serviced.

Reduced Insurance Premiums

When your insurance provider calculates premiums, the value of your car is the most vital factor to consider. That makes it logical; the more precious an automobile is, the more money they could lose in the event of a collision. Understandably, insuring an old car will be less expensive than insuring a new