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How Often Should You Schedule Air Con Servicing?

The question of how often you should schedule air con servicing is not a straightforward one. There’s no perfect answer that applies to everyone, because schedules depend on your particular situation. So, how often should you schedule air con servicing?

Annual Air Con Servicing

If you live in a humid, tropical environment or have a small air con unit, annual air con servicing is an ideal schedule for you. Annual servicing is a good idea, regardless of your environment. The service intervals listed here are the minimum intervals, so you can go ahead and schedule them all at once.

Frequent Air Con Servicing

In many locations, annual air con servicing Bangkok will be sufficient; however, in some places it is unnecessary. If annual air con servicing isn’t enough for you, consider scheduling frequent air con servicing every month or every other month. This can help to keep your system running in top shape.

As Needed Air Con Servicing

If you have frequent problems with your air con system, schedule as needed air con servicing. It’s important to catch small problems before they turn into big ones. Be sure to schedule regular maintenance visits to replace filters and inspect the coils and compressor unit. This can help you avoid having to replace your system in the future.

air con cleaning Bangkok

Rare Air Con Servicing

If your air con system rarely needs servicing, you don’t need to schedule routine maintenance. If your system breaks down and you can’t fix it yourself, schedule as needed air con servicing. This will definitely help you avoid having to pay for an expensive repair.

Your Local Air Con Repair Company

Schedule as needed air con servicing if your air con unit breaks down regularly and you can’t fix it yourself. Call your local air con repair company to come by and inspect or repair the system. They’ll be able to determine if it’s a minor issue that can be fixed easily or a major problem that requires replacement of the entire unit. Either way, they’ll be happy to help.

Waiting For Problems

If you are waiting for problems to crop up, you’ll never feel like it’s time for air con servicing again. Although it’s best to schedule air con servicing when you notice a problem, it can sometimes take a while for failures to occur because the system has to accumulate enough dirt and grime. Keep in mind that if your air con hasn’t had an annual checkup in over one year, then it can probably use some servicing that goes beyond just a routine inspection.