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Understanding the Basics of CPT Coding For Medical Billing

Learning about coding in medical billing is crucial, whether you are a patient, the patient’s family, and most especially the staff working in the medical setting. You have to remember that the correct way of using coding for medical billing can significantly affect the amount that the patient owes after the insurer or payer covers a percentage of the charges.

All About CPT Codes

The CPT or Current Procedural Terminology is used to describe healthcare professionals’ specific procedures when patients visit the clinic. And as a medical encoder, learning how CPT codes are appropriately utilized is critical. Without the codes, it is not possible to bill the insurance company.

Two basic parts are included during a medical claim – the ICD-9 codes or the diagnosis and the CPT or the Common Procedural Terminology. Together, these two codes will thoroughly explain why the patient visited the doctors’ Office and how they were treated medically. You have to remember that the ICD-9 code is the diagnosis, and it describes the reason why the patient comes in. Then how the patient was treated and procedures used will follow, and these are the CPT codes for medical billing.

Proper Use of CPT Codes

There are different CPT code categories, but coders use Category I most frequently, especially for Office visit CPT codes. There are various categories used, but they all correspond to the central systems of the body. This category is divided into six different sections that are grouped in numerical order.

Office visit CPT codes

When coding, the first thing to consider would be the kind of procedure, whether it’s a patient visit or a surgical procedure. You should also see if the doctor requested any medical services or procedures to be done, like an X-ray. Did the doctor prescribe any medication too? You have to remember all of this information to find the best possible code to attach to the file.

CPT Codes – Do You Have to Know it All?

Some medical coders are asking whether or not they should know all about the CPT codes? There are hundreds, even thousands of codes for you to be working on. But don’t worry because there is only a handful that is frequently used regularly. And once you become accustomed to defining the codes and finding what you need for a particular case, it would be easier for you. For now, make sure that you have a full understanding of how it works and the basics that are mostly-used.