students to know about how to pass the 11 plus exam
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Why need to prefer a private tutor for passing 11 plus exams?

Once you identify that your child is struggling with their 11 plus preparation, you may need to attempt a private tutor for your children. One of the major benefits of tutoring your kids is that your child will have exclusive attention of somebody who actually understands what they are discussing on for minimum one hour. But, 11 plus tutors can be quite tough to come by, so you must begin your search for one as much as earlier to book in advance. These tutors are specialized in preparing the pupils for 11 plus exams and they give tuition by one hour and also providing residential and intensive courses as well. Therefore, you must aim to work on the following topics with your child via the writing and reading training.

Purpose of using 11 plus practice papers

Actually, using practice exam papers is one of the most efficient ways to pass this 11 plus exam. Definitely, none of the approach is a good way to prepare for this exam, but practice papers are always best at placing the theory into practice. These practice papers are not only do they assist your kids to familiarize themselves with a layout of this exam, but also they motivate the best time management as well. Around half a way over your study schedule, you must introduce the 11 plus practice papers into the routine of your children, so that they have enough time to obtain used to answer the questions beneath the timed conditions. Moreover, the practice papers are providing a best review of where the strength and weakness of your child stretch out. If there are any specific areas that your child wants to improve in, you can change their study schedule to concentrate on their weaker areas in a lead up to the exam.

how to pass the 11 plus exam

Seek help from other parents for this test

In some cases, one of the best advices comes from those who have previously experienced in planning their children for 11 plus exam. However, some other parents are not always a most forthcoming in sharing their information about this face to face exam. But, there is plenty of good information available on 11 plus forums. More specifically, the online communities are best for local information about 11 plus exams as similar to what the exam boards manage this test, how many school places are available, what the pass mark is, etc.