Playing Aria of Sorrow
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Some Tips To Help you Win Aria of Sorrow Rom

Aria of Sorrow is currently one of the most exciting games in the Castlevania series. Some people who thought have finished the game, that they are done. Little did they know that there are still so many features to try and make Aria of Sorrow Rom or known to players as “AoS,” more challenging and exciting.

Tricks to Make AoS Harder

There are codes that you can try to make the game more exciting. But you have to remember that these codes only work once you have already beaten the game. First, you can play as “JUSTIN,” or also known as the vampire hunter. Again, you can enter as “NOUSE,” which makes the game harder because you cannot use any of the items, except for the ones you are already equipped with. You can also enter as “NOSOUL” because, in this mode, you will not be able to use any of the soul abilities except for the ones required to finish the game.

Additional Game Secrets

Playing Aria of Sorrow

For those looking for a more exciting way to play the game, there are Aria of Sorrow game secrets that you are probably not aware of. There are the secret endings and the unlockables you can get with the real or ‘true’ endings.

  • Secret Endings. If you are not aware of this yet, yes, there are secret endings where the player must fight with the ‘last boss,’ the one found in the Throne Room. to do this, you should equip the red, yellow, and blue souls. Make sure that you fight these Throne battles and find out the surprise yourself. It would then be best if you went through the dark door, which you cannot access earlier. This is where you can fight another boss. Beat this and go to the Chaotic Realm. Once you make it out alive, save the game and fight the final boss. And once you beat the final boss, you will see the true ending of this game.
  • The Unlockables. Players can access the unlockables once they gain access to the true ending. After beating the final boss, you can unlock the “special” menu. This is where you can unlock “Sound Mode,” where you can listen to the different music and voices in the game. You can also access the “Boss Rush Mode,” where you will go through all the bosses in the Aria of Sorrow game.

Aria of Sorrow Rom is naturally a fun game to play. The tips above you can make the game more exciting. If you are done with Aria of Sorrow and want to up the challenge, then make sure to try the suggestions. For sure, they will pique your interest and would be encouraged to play more.