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The beginner’s map guide for the best FPS game

The game counter strike is the father of the FPS genre. It has won many times and it is still the best FPS game. You can pick from a wide selection of weapons and explosives that you want to use for your opponent. There are a lot of maps that were made for counter strike. Others are the official maps that were given by Valve Corporation and some are given by fans. You will see what are these maps that were made for counter strike 1.6 no steam descargar.

Aim headshot

The players are authorized to pick between CV-47 and M4A1. For those players who want to run in the open grounds. A map will give you the chance to provide a Kevlar and a submachine gun that is located between the two spawn zones. The magnum sniper rifle is placed on the side. The weapons can be used for those who want to be stealthy.


It is known as the original clan war map of Counter-Strike 1.6. From submachine guns to sniper rifles it has a weapon for each player. The grenades can be also used for explosives. Which can exterminate the other group within seconds. The terrorist has the structure on the spawn area that gives them an aerial view of the whole map.


It has a virtual remake of the Central American Archaeological site. The terrorists will spawn in the middle of the Aztec which is the burial ground. And you can see the skeletons of the Ancient people who are buried there. To make it scarier they have added the incessant rain. The main goal of the terrorists is to blow up the whole archaeological site. Using a powerful C4 for the mass destruction. The terrorist will not let them do this and they will try to defuse the bomb. This kind of map has two bomb sites and it is perfect for a large number of players.


If you are a new player using this map makes you confused. It has a train yard with trains that are everywhere. The terrorists are planning to destroy all the trains in the place. This kind of map is fun because you can hide under the trains. But if you don’t enjoy playing hide and seek you can go to the building and shoot down any enemies that you see. There is also a spot where the snipers can expose the Magnum sniper rifle. This is also good for a large number of players.