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Get rid of the troubling groundhog

You would never want you’re all hard work done on your garden or yard to go in vain due to the groundhogs. It is always better to get rid of them as soon as possible else the damage caused by them will empty your pockets.  Are you in dilemma of how to plug groundhog holes? There are many methods to get rid of them such as fumigation, shooting, prevention, scaring, fencing, trapping and many more. Today let us discuss few methods among these.

Preventing groundhog influx

  • First cut down all the long or tall grass around your garden, because these help them to hide.
  • Once the garden is clean don’t for get to fill all the holes dug by groundhogs with few small pebbles else they will become house for some other pests.
  • Remove all the wood chunk and rocks from the garden as they attract the groundhogs.

Scare and deter groundhogs

  • You can scare them with the foul smell the ground hogs does not like the pungent smell of garlic, lavender, and cayenne pepper.
  • There are many liquid products available in the market which can be used to get rid of groundhogs. The liquid has to be sprayed on the ground and the taste of it can’t be barred by the groundhogs.


  • You can built fence around your garden, but keep in mind that the fence should be tall enough that the groundhog will not able to climb.
  • Next point to keep in mind while fencing it that the bottom portion where the fence is buried it should be done in such a way that the groundhogs will not be able or interested in digging the holes.
  • Follow all the instruction provided by the fencing agents while putting the fence.


  • This is also one of the method in which you will not be harming the animals.
  • Before placing traps for the groundhogs make sure you are aware of the place where you can release them after trapping.
  • This method takes little long time compare to the other methods, but it is very easy to do.


Hope this information about how to rid of groundhogs is helpful, but be careful like other animal’s groundhogs can also hurt you. So it is better before following any method by your own, take expert advice which will for sure help you in eradicating the groundhogs.