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The best garage door materials for your house

You’re not looking for new home garage doors every day. When you already expected while you’re shopping for a new one or finding out that those models are the same as your old door back home. Now the doors are surprisingly stronger, well insulated, and secured. It needs less maintenance compared to the old doors before. Looking for the best garage door in your home you have to check what materials are made of to secure how strong it is.

Steel door

The majority of the garage doors are made out of steel with rigid foam insulation. The strongest panels are from 24-ga steel and are made with an embossed wood pattern or smooth finish. Try to search for a model that has a polyester topcoat and primer to protect the door from rust. The warranties for this type of door are 10 years.

Wood door

The wood material for the door is not on-demand compared to the other materials in the market. With the added maintenance, you have to paint the wood doors if needed to keep the door. The wood doors are made with hardboard panels and a hemlock frame. Although the custom doors are made out of solid wood. The warranty for wood doors is only one year but those custom doors are 15 years.

Plastic door

These plastic doors are added materials in the garage door and it might be the consumer’s choice kind of door. It is the same as steel, plastic doors are lightweight and durable without maintenance. When you compare the plastic doors to metal and wood doors, they are mold-free and they are silent when you use them. This is because they have UV-resistant and neutral colors. You can use it under the sun without fading its color. The warranties for plastic doors are 20 years or longer.

The costs of garage doors

There are a lot of doors that you can choose and it will depend on the size, treatments, and insulating qualities. These are the factors that you need to consider when you buy. It is hard to tell the price differences between types. Mostly the steel doors are affordable while the plastic and wood are costly. And the custom doors are twice the price.

 The spring system

The doors have two types of springs: extension and torsion springs. The extension springs are easier to install. The function is to stretch on the end side of the door which is aligned to the ceiling.

The torsion springs over the opening of the door. It works by winding and unwinding once the door is being raised or lowered. The spring will extend evenly the weight of the door compared to extension springs which are perfect for wide doors or heavy doors.