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Do Drug Dogs Smell Carts For Every Product?

Dogs are one of the best and most intelligent animals found on the planet that humans keep as their pets. They are cute and filled with knowledge and information as drained from an early age. You must have seen dogs smelling the carts at multiple places such as airports and railway stations. They do such mainly due to searching for cannabis and related products. Since, the use of cannabis is ban in multiple places. So to make sure no person can carry such items inside the country, the dogs are trained to catch the THC and CBD products by Drug Dogs Smell Carts.

It is done by providing them special training in which they are trained to know the smell of the cannibal and if found anywhere, then react accordingly. So people often have a common query mind that the vape would be smelled by the dogs.

Why are vapes not caught by dogs?

The reason behind vapes not getting caught or smelled easily by the police dogs is the presence of multiple flavors in them, such as orange and mint. Since, the dogs are train to smell the weed. When the vape flavors have more such ingredients, it becomes difficult for the dogs to catch or smell them. Only a few of the dogs can catch such smells.

So if you plan to travel with such items, then you can easily go. There is a low risk of getting caught by the police dogs. Make sure to keep such items in well-planned and secure manners.