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Is Jeaveau the New Botox?

For ages, we have been obsessed with clear, smooth, beautiful skin, and there are numerous products on the market catering to these needs. But, one medication was revolutionary, Botox. Ever since its FDA approval in 2001 for the treatment of frown lines, it has garnered immense popularity. Jeaveau is a new medication in this field. It claims to be more effective than Botox.

Jeaveau and Botox are neurotoxins derived from bacteria, Clostridium botulinum that causes a fatal disease, botulism. However, it can turn into a beneficial medication when injected with controlled doses. The toxin injected into the targeted spot temporarily prevents the muscles from contracting. Hence, relaxing the muscles and improving the wrinkles. Jeaveau works the same way, but it uses a different botulinum toxin. While Botox uses onabotulinumtoxinA, Jeaveau uses prabotulismtoxinA.

Which is more Efficient

Currently, no such data is comparing Botox and Jeaveau, but they have been tested against placebo doses and have proven effective. Botox has emerged slightly more efficient, but both have almost similar effects in the long run. Since Jeaveau has been FDA-approved only for the glabella region, it is a cheaper option for someone just beginning with the cosmetic treatment.

Scientifically, Jeaveau and Botox consist of heavier proteins than Dysport and Xeomin, which aid in precision.

Cautions to Take

Always consult a professional and never think of doing this yourself. If you have the following conditions, then this treatment is not recommended.

  • ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease
  • breathing problems like Asthma
  • Heart conditions
  • Difficulties in swallowing
  • Weak facial muscles
  • Allergic to Botulinum

make sure You inform the doctor about your conditions and get yourself checked for allergies before undergoing the treatment.

The After Effects

the Procedure doesn’t take more than 15 minutes, and you can leave for home immediately. It may take a few hours to 2-3 days for the effects to become visible. Generally, it lasts for a maximum of 4 months. The effects vary from person to person. But it is recommended to have at least a gap of 4 months before the next sitting.

There may be minor side effects like pain in the injected spot, dry eyes, and drooping lids. But it usually goes away within hours. But, if you feel excessive sweating, uncontrolled bladder movements, and difficulty breathing, talking, or swallowing, immediately go to a doctor.

To sum up

Jeaveau is a new arrival in the market and is cost-effective. Make sure to use it under the guidance of a doctor and enjoy its full potential.