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Contemporary home designs are those houses with modern architectural features as well al. HDB OR Housing and Development Board is the Singapore government organization with full authority to act according to their wish. This board falls under the Ministry of Development in Singapore, which is responsible for building the public housing complexes in Singapore.HDB Singapore has made 1 million flats across 24 towns and three estates. These housing complexes give residence to almost 80% of the total Singapore population.The houses made by HDB Singapore mainly focused on constructing emergency housing and resettlement of kampong residents.In this article, we will discuss Singapore’s companies that specialize in contemporary hdb design.

The art of contemporary house design was first introduced in 1970. The contemporary house is a mixture of multiple designs. There is slight use of everything such as modern, post-modern, de-construct, art deco, future, and many more.  But the construction of the first contemporary house was done in 1990. Contemporary houses started in California and later spread worldwide due to their modern-day looks with some old-age touch.

contemporary hdb design

The best contemporary housing complexes made by the HDB Singapore are-

  1. Block 105B HDB, Bidadari– this building was built in 2019. The building is situated at Bidadari Park Drive, in Bidari HDB Town.
  2. Sri Geylang Sarai- situated in Geylang HDB town. It consists of 30304 flats and is estimated to be home to more than 80000 people.
  3. SkyVille@Dawson- is a public housing project that the Housing and Development Board has commissioned. Each home is a part of Sky Village, consisting of a ventilated community terrace and sky garden. Four sky villages are linked vertically along with three towers linked horizontally,totaling 960 homes. The roof is a 300m terrace garden and a path.
  4. Sky Terrace@Dawson- is a public housing project that HDB, Singapore, has commissioned. The building was built in 2016. The specialty of this building is that three gardens surround it. The building is situated near Queenstown at Dawson road. The building consists of 5 blocks that are interconnected with one another through the skywalk and terrace garden.
  5. Pinnacle@Duxton- this building is a 50-story building. It was situatedon cantonment road near Singapore city center. The building consisted of seven towers, all interconnected with one another. The building was completed on 13th December 2009.


These are the most extravagant, elite contemporary residential buildings developed or commissioned by the Housing and Development Board of Singapore.