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Family Law In U.S.

We all know the importance of family in one’s life. Every member of an ideal family will support each other, play with each other, love each other, and share every problem, happiness, and pain with them. This is said to be an ideal family.

But not every person in this world is this blessed. Every family has some disputes, and that’s a normal thing. And every person knows how to deal with it too. But the major problem arises when these conflicts become big, which directly affects the children in the family. And most importantly, when the conflict is between the parents, it directly impacts the child mentally. That is why the Government of the U.S.  introduced the child custody family law.

In households, where there are way more conflicts between partners, it affects the children in all aspects. It affects their physical health, mental health, their way to interact with other people, etc. Here, it is important to imply the custody of the child to one of the parents to give that child a good life. That’s what Child custody family law does. It decides who can take the responsibility for the child until he/she reaches legal age.  Now let’s discuss this law.

Child Custody For Divorced Parents

In case of divorce of the parents, the jurisdiction has to whom the custody of a child is given. This is taken based on many factors:

  • the child spends most of his/her time
  • choice of the child
  • financial stability, etc.

Based on all these factors, the judiciary will conclude the custody of the child. There are many more things like if the guardian is not able to support the child financially, the noncustodial parent is ordered to raise the child financially.

Child Custody For Unmarried Parents 

If the parents are not married, then the custody of the child is precisely given to the mother. The mother is given full sovereignty to take all the decisions regarding the child. Some of them are:

  • Education of the child
  • Health care
  • School, etc.

The Touchstone For Child Custody 

The guardianship of the child is given to the parent who can take the res faithfully. The resolution can be changed if the custodial parent is not able to take responsibility.

In the case of adoption, both parents first have to assure that they are compatible to take full authority over the child.