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Wine or Vodka – What’s Best For The Heart?

There is no easy answer and it’s likely that you will be just fine with either choice. For a particular health concern, some factors may be more important than others. If you are looking to keep your heart healthy, having a diet high in saturated fats and low in fruits and vegetables would suggest staying away from wine as it is primarily made from sugar-rich grapes. Likewise, if you are looking to avoid getting cancer then vodka should be avoided as it contains carcinogenic compounds. You can visit website to explore vodka brands.

Vodka and Wine: Drink of the Gods

Another point to consider is that wine has been enjoyed by many people for thousands of years. In fact, it is believed to have been a drink for the gods and was likely used in religious ceremonies as early as 8,000 BC. While vodka made its appearance on the scene some 1,700 years later at least in modern times.

In ancient Greece wine was said to symbolize “moderation”. The Greeks consumed a lot of wine and also had the most advanced medical knowledge of the time which has contributed to our modern understanding of viticulture and winemaking. As far back as 400 BC Hippocrates would prescribe his patients to consume wine with medicinal properties. The Greeks also have the distinction of being the first civilization to study the human body and its many different types of health conditions.

There is a rather famous quote often attributed to Virgil, who was one of the foremost poets of ancient Rome, which reads as follows: “Of all things wine is most divine.”

While contemporary science can probably only offer us a 50/50 chance that this statement is actually true, there are indications that alcohol in general, and specifically wine, can be helpful for both physical and psychological health.