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Why do schools need Sports Streaming Services?

Your high school athletics program’s leader knows how important it is to promote your teams and get an audience consistent with your training. With technology evolving at a rapid pace, a wider audience is now able to be reached, and they do not even have to be in person. See why 큐티비 for schools are so valuable and how you can set them up quickly!

1. An active engagement

Your friends and family should not miss out on the game since you are 큐티비 it lives. If you are streaming all your games, they will still be able to watch them live, even if they cannot attend.

2. Involvement of students

There is no need for all this social media posting and streaming to be done by yourself. These fields for students must gain hands-on experience in fields such as social media marketing, journalism, videography, photography, and broadcasting.

3. Earnings

You can monetize your games by negotiating sponsorship deals with sponsors, which will help get your school the supplies it desperately needs.


4. Multi-device capability

As a result, streaming is an efficient way for people to watch games because they can watch them via their mobile device, laptop, or tablet, depending on where they are. This increases engagement because they can log into the stream no matter where they are.

5. Fan engagement

The screen can also add extra information, such as the player’s real-time stats or the athlete’s biography, to engage the viewer.

6. Content for social media

In addition, students interested in broadcasting or journalism can compile highlight reels or shareable gifs, which can be posted on your high school’s website or social media accounts.